Why You Need To Use SSD? Main Advantages Of SSD Over HDD

Posted by on 9/29/2017

Until recently, computer buyers had very little choice over a storage type to put on a laptop or desktop PC. Thanks to the growth of technology, you can now configure your system with HDD or SSD, or in some cases both. But how to choose between SSD or HDD? Without knowing the appropriate differences between the two, and their pros and cons, it would be difficult for you to decide.

The traditional Hard Drive or HDD consists of a metal tray with a magnetic coating to store data. It also includes a movable arm with a read / write head for accessing the data when the tray rotates.

A Solid State Drive or SSD is also a nonvolatile storage like HDD, but here the data is stored on flash memory chips that are interconnected with each other. Since there are no mechanical moving parts, SSD operates at an ultra-fast speed.

SSD has so many advantages than the HDD, but the only reason why hard drives are still preferred is because of its storage size and low cost. Even though the price of SSDs has been dropping, the cost per gigabyte advantage continues to be strongly with hard drives.

Not all buyers are the same. Each has different needs and their decision would be based on those needs, personal preferences and of course budget. So if money is not a constraint, and your main concern is performance and speed, then SSD is the way to go.

Main Advantages of SSD Over HDD - Infographics

The following infographic lists the key advantages of a solid state drive and helps you choose the type of storage you need.

key benefits of ssd over hdd

Main Advantages of SSD Over HDD - An Infographic by androidcanvashq.com

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