FaceTime for Chromebook - Can You Use it on Chromebook?

Posted by on 3/10/2017

FaceTime for Chromebook - Chromebook is a different sort of laptop that gives you the convenience and portability of a tablet. They run on Linux-based Google Chrome OS instead of Mac or Windows. Chromebook is designed to be used with Internet and all of your data and documents are stored in cloud. So that you can carry chrome book along with you, connect to internet and get access to your files from anywhere.

Just like iOS and Android devices, Chromebook works on web apps. They are like any other regular programs in pc but they run on Chrome browser.

FaceTime for Chromebook

What is FaceTime?

FaceTime is an iOS app for making video calls. In early 2011, Apple released the FaceTime application for Mac OS thus facilitating users to make video calls between iOS and Mac Machines.

This advanced video calling technology lets you share faces of people at both ends with the front camera while making calls. All you need is a good internet connection for doing FaceTime and you are good to connect with friends, family and others in video chat no matter how far away they are.

Using FaceTime on Chromebook:

Facetime is iOS and Mac OS exclusive. And the app works really well on iPhone, iPads, Mac and other apple devices. But it is not yet open for Android or Windows users. Well! What about Chromebook? Unfortunately there's no app to support Chromebook also. But the good thing is FaceTime is just a video calling app and there are other options which are equally good like FaceTime.

One such app is Google Hangouts which is a very good alternative for Facetime for making video calls and sessions on chromebooks. This is similar to using Skype on PC to carry out video chats. Hangouts work really well for chromebook.

Most of the 3rd party apps don't support chromebook since it is a Google's device. Though it is good on the security side, Chromebook users are limited to Google apps and not able to enjoy other services as they had with Mac or Windows machines. Even if chromebooks are very affordable and ultra-portable, people hesitate to switch over to it due to the shortcomings.

Google is also planning for big changes to make Chromebook compatible with all apps and plugins. Then chromebook would become best budget alternative to windows and mac laptops in the market.

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