How to Get Duplicate Sim Card in Vodafone [Replace Lost Sim Card]

Posted by on 2/13/2017

Do you know how to get duplicate sim card in vodafone? If you have lost your vodafone sim card or damaged it, then don't worry. You can get it replaced at any time without trouble. In order to get a duplicate vodafone sim card, just visit the nearest vodafone store or service center and apply for the duplicate sim. After completing the procedure you can walk-away with your replacement sim card in hand.

Getting your sim replaced is very simple, but you have to follow certain steps to get the duplicate sim and also produce necessary documents for it. Here I'm going to show you the exact procedure to apply for the duplicate sim card in vodafone. This applies to both pre-paid and post-paid sim.

vodafone get duplicate sim card

How to Get Duplicate Sim Card in Vodafone?

Follow the below steps to replace the vodafone sim card.

  1. First and foremost block the old vodafone sim in case you have lost the card.
  2. Then apply for the duplicate vodafone sim card by visiting your nearby vodafone store or mini-store.
  3. Submit documents like photo-identity and address proof for verification.
  4. Get the duplicate sim, wait for activation and use it.

In case you have lost the sim card, chances are there for your mobile number to be misused. So it's very important to block vodafone number immediately.

As for blocking the vodafone number, you have dial up the Vodafone customer care and report about the missing sim card. They will block the sim immediately once verified the details you provide.

Alternatively you can go in person to any of the Vodafone service center and get the job done. They may want to see your original identity proof so make sure to take it along with you. If you are a postpaid customer then you may also need to produce postpaid bill.

As for the documents goes, you have to produce photo-id and address proof. If needed you may also have to fill up an application form for sim replacement and submit it along with photo copies of the above said documents.

It may take a little while and once they have verified all your documents you will be handed over the duplicate sim. The Sim may take some time to get activated, so wait for couple hours and then you are good to go.

You will get back a new vodafone sim with your old number.

Overall the process is really simple and you will be charged for this sim replacement service. The fee is relative to the circle you belong too.

I hope now you understand better how to get duplicate sim card in vodafone. You can get duplicate sim for both prepaid and postpaid connection and the process is same. If it is post-paid, just remember to produce the latest bill along with other documents. If you think this article helps you, then don't forget to share it in social media and help others to know the steps to get duplicate sim card in vodafone.

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