How to Get Duplicate Sim Card in Idea [Replace Lost Sim Card]

Posted by on 2/06/2017

Do you know how to get duplicate sim card in idea? It's unfortunate to lose your sim card or cause irreparable damage to it. But worst things may happen sometimes and you can't avoid it. So if you had lost your idea sim card or damaged it then don't worry. You can easily replace the lost one and get duplicate idea sim card.

Just visit the nearest idea store and follow the procedure to get replacement idea sim and you are done. You have to get duplicate sim, activate it and use it immediately like your old sim. As simple as that!

You can get duplicate idea sim for both prepaid and postpaid sim. Follow the below procedure to replace your lost idea sim.

how to get duplicate sim card in idea

How to Get Duplicate Idea Sim Card?

The process for replacing your lost idea sim is fairly simple.

  1. First block your old Idea sim card in case you have lost it.
  2. Visit your nearest Idea Service Center and apply for duplicate Idea sim card.
  3. Produce documents like photo id and address proof for verification.
  4. Receive the duplicate sim, wait for activation and use it.

To block the old sim, you can either dial Idea customer care or go directly to any of the Idea Store and report it. They will block the connection immediately. Also make sure to carry original ID Proof with you in case you need.

As for postpaid customers, take postpaid bill along with you as you may need to produce it.

It's important to block idea number immediately, in case you have lost the sim. It will stop someone from misusing your mobile number.

Also for getting the duplicate idea sim, bring-in documents like Photo-ID and Address Proof as you would do for applying new sim. If required you must also fill up duplicate sim application form and attach signed photo copies of proof documents.

The process may take some time. But you don't have to wait long to receive the new duplicate sim card. They will hand over the sim to you immediately after verifying the documents. But after receiving the duplicate sim card, you have to wait for few hours for the sim activation process to complete before using it.

It may sound a lot but it's really easier to get replacement for your lost idea sim.

And you have to pay a small amount as charge for getting sim replacement. The amount will vary from circle to circle.

I hope now you understand clearly how to get duplicate idea sim card. The same process is applicable for both prepaid and postpaid connection. Just make to sure to produce a monthly bill if you want duplicate sim for postpaid. Rest is same. If this article helps you, then please kindly share it in your circle and help others to know the procedure to get duplicate sim card in idea.

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