How to Get Internet Loan in Idea (2G/3G Idea Data Loan Number)

Posted by Admin on January 26, 2017

Idea Data Loan Number - This post shows you how to get data loan in idea. To take internet loan in idea is similar to taking up talk time loan and you have to repay it with little interest later. Idea, the popular Mobile Network offers voice and data services at cheaper and affordable rates. And they also provide loan services named 'Advance Internet Credit Loan' to help their customers in case of emergencies.

This internet loan scheme is quite useful and you can take up data loan in advance even if you have zero balance. So if your internet balance is very low, you can get data credit in MBs and pay it back later to Idea in the form of money.

You can avail this data loan for GPRS/2G/3G Internet and Idea charges you a little fee as interest for loan.


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How to Get Internet (Data) Loan in Idea?

In case of emergencies you don't have to ask out others help if you have zero or low net balance. You can directly take data loan in advance from Idea itself by dialing up simple USSD Code. Anyone having Idea Sim can avail it but before that make sure you are eligible for getting data loan.

Idea Internet Loan Eligibility:

  1. You must have an Active Idea Sim with working Mobile Phone.
  2. To avail data loan you must have at least 3 months older Idea Sim.
  3. The Sim number should not have outstanding loan credits. You must clear off all your previous debts before opting for fresh loan.
  4. You can avail internet loan only from Prepaid Idea Sim. The service is not applicable for postpaid Sim card.

30MB 2G Idea Data Loan Number:

If you need 2G Data loan in Idea, dial *666# loan code and hit send button. This gives you 30MB of 2G data from Idea and the data will be valid for two days period.

You will be charged a fee of Rs 6 for this loan and must pay after two days.

20MB 3G Idea Data Loan Number:

For 20MB 3G data loan in Idea, dial *150*773# loan code and you will be credited 20 MB of 3G data valid for 1 day (till midnight 12 AM). This loan data is worth of Rs 5 and you have to repay Rs 6.90 to Idea. The amount will be deducted from your balance on next recharge.

Idea Loan Code To Get 40MB 3G Data Loan:

To avail loan of 40MB 3G Data, just use *150*772# ussd code. The data amount is worth of Rs 10 and has validity of 1 day (till mid night). On your next recharge Rs 13.80/- will be deducted automatically.

Idea Loan Code To Get 60MB 3G Data Loan:

To get 60MB 3G data loan, dial *150*774# code. The data comes with 1 day validity i.e., till 12AM of the same day. The loan costs you Rs 18 and will be deducted from your main balance when you recharge again.

Idea Loan Code To Get 100MB 3G Data Loan:

To take 100MB 3G data loan from Idea, you have to dial the code *150*01# from your idea number and the data is valid till end of the day (12 AM). The Loan fee Rs 30 will be deducted from your balance on next recharge.

I hope this article helps you understand better How to get Internet Loan in Idea number. Yes! Data Loans are not cheap. But it comes handy in dire situations. If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends and family and help them know Idea Data Loan USSD Codes.

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