Convert EXE To APK File on Android Convertor

Posted by on 1/16/2017

This post shows you How to Convert Exe to Apk File using Android Convertor Tool. Do you know you can use Windows apps on Android Mobiles? Yep! You can now - just by converting windows exe file to android apk file.

To make it clear, Windows Platform supports only EXE files (executable file) and Android OS can only run APK (Android Application Package) files. That is, files with '.apk' extension. You can't run exe file on Android and apk file on Windows directly - at least not without special Software.

With the help of Android Emulators you can easily run Android Games & Apps on Windows Operating System. Bluestack is one such popular Android Emulator for Windows. You have to just install the software on Windows PC or Laptop and start playing Android games on it.


Similarly if you want to use Windows Apps, Tools and Games on Android devices, you can - by easily converting Windows EXE files to Apk files with the help of exe to apk convertor tools.

So here let's see how to convert Windows Exe to Android Apk files.

How to Convert EXE To APK File?

Here goes the process for exe to apk conversion. Actually it is pretty simple. Thing's you'll need for this process is,

  • Software named Change My Software
  • Any Windows EXE File to convert

Before hand, visit here and download the software to your PC/Laptop. When you finished downloading follow the below instructions to convert exe to apk.

  1. Launch EXE to APK Converter Tool and select 'I have a portable application' option, then click 'Next'.
  2. exe-to-apk-convertor-online
  3. Then choose the exe file you need to convert. Depending on the file size the loading process will take some time.
  4. Once loaded, click on the Convert button. The conversion will take a while so keep your patience.
  5. When it is completed you will be notified about successful conversion.
  6. That's it! Now you have converted windows exe to apk app. Now you can install this apk file on Android device and enjoy Windows apps on Android.

The entire process is just a breeze. All you need is 'Change My Software' tool to convert exe to apk file and the best thing is the software is free. You can just convert any Windows games & applications in this way and enjoy it on Android Mobile without trouble.

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