BSNL Offers 1GB at Rs 1 Plan - Charges & How to Activate

Posted by on 1/23/2017

BSNL Offers 1GB at Rs 1 Data Plan with Free Unlimited Voice Calls. To compete with Reliance Jio 4 offers, BSNL has launched its BB 249 Data Plan in which offers unlimited internet for Rs 249 per month. Right now, this is the most economic pack in the market that costs as less as Rs1 for 1GB of data.

Ever since the launch of Reliance Jio 4G Network, other operators like Airtel, BSNL, Idea and Vodafone are compelled to bring up more economic offers to beat up Jio's competition. Since Jio offers unbelievable services like four months of free internet, free calls & cheapest data rates, BSNL has now jumped into the race with its BB 249 Data Plan, which is the most affordable pack for average consumers of India.

BSNL 1GB 1RS Pack itself is quite attractive since you'd get unlimited internet for 249 rs with this rather spending the same amount to get 1GB of 3G Data from other mobile operators. So if you wish to know more about BSNL 1GB at Rs 1 Pack, then below we have shared the complete details of the pack, monthly rental, eligibility and how to activate bsnl 1gb 1rs plan.

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BSNL 1GB at Rs 1 Plan Offer:

BSNL is running 1GB 1RS offer for a while since 9th September 2016. The plan has been named as 'Experience Unlimited BB 249' and offers up to 300 GB data per month at an affordable price of Rs 249/month. Since Jio is wireless, this BSNL's 1GB 1RS plan is much welcomed by broadband users who needs loads of GBs at affordable cost.

How Much Speed You'd Get on BSNL 1GB 1RS Internet Plan?

Under this plan, you'd get Internet at 2 Mbps speed for first 1GB of data and then reduced to 1Mbps later. In my opinion, this is the hardest thing about BB 249 plan since most of us struggle with 5Mbps speed connection. So think twice before taking up this plan if you are an internet enthusiast spending whole day in front of your computer.

Plan Rental Charge:

For the first six months you will get unlimited internet and charged Rs 249/month. After that you'd have to upgrade the plan and about to pay 499 rupees.

Plan Eligibility:

BSNL 1gb 1rs Plan is open for all new bsnl customers and is valid in all States of India. As for existing customers you can take up the offer using the ID of a family member.

Free Unlimited Calls with BSNL 1GB 1RS Plan:

Here's another bonus with the BB 249 plan. You can make unlimited free calls every Sunday from 9 PM - 7 AM. And the voice calls are applicable to all landline and mobile networks which is a great deal.

How to Activate BSNL 1GB 1RS Data Plan?

If you are a new customer then go through the registration process with your ID proof and security deposit of one month fees in advance. You don't have to make any additional payment but should at least use the plan for one month. If you are already BSNL customer still you can get the offer by making new entry with any of the family members ID proof.

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So I think we have provided you with complete details about BSNL 1GB at Rs 1 Plan and cleared all your doubts. This is really a good offer provided if you are not highly concerned about speed limit. Even then there's no upload and download limit so you can go wild as much as you want.

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