How to Mirror an Image in Paint

Posted by on 12/19/2016

This post will show you how to mirror an image in paint on Windows 7/8/10. Microsoft Paint is a graphics utility tool that ships with Windows OS. It has been included in all Windows versions such as Windows 7/8/10 and even on the earlier Vista or XP.

For a free tool, MS Paint is relatively powerful and allows you to perform basic image editing operations like picture resizing, rotate, flip, adding text and much more. Here let's see about mirroring an image using MS Paint.

If you think you need advanced tools like Photoshop to create mirror effect then scratch it. You don't need paid tools or technical skills to mirror an image. You can easily mirror an image in MS Paint. Here let me show you how to do it.


How to Mirror an Image in Paint:

  1. To mirror image in paint, launch MS Paint App and go to the top ribbon and click 'Open' to load the image you want to mirror.
  2. Now Windows opens the picture folder on your computer. Choose the image you want and click on 'Open' button. It will load the image in the Paint editor.
  3. On 'Home' tab click on 'Rotate' icon and then on 'Flip Horizontal'option.
  4. Here's where the magic happens. The image will be reversed forming a mirror reflection of the original one.
  5. Now you have mirrored an image in paint within seconds. Save the image with a different name if you want to keep the original image.
  6. Alternatively you can right-click on the image and select 'Flip Horizontal' option from the context-menu. The effect will be same.

For Windows Vista/XP Users,

If you are using Windows Vista or XP then Paint interface would be little different. To achieve mirror effect,

Open the image you want to mirror on Paint, and go to 'Image' » 'Flip/Rotate' and choose 'Flip Horizontal' option and click 'OK'.

That's explains about mirroring an image in MS Paint. I hope you find this tutorial useful. Stay tuned for more :)

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