How to Stop iTunes from Asking for Password Everytime

Posted by on 9/09/2016

This tutorial will show you how to stop itunes from asking for password everytime. Are you annoyed of the way itunes prompt for your password over and over? To prevent accidental/unauthorized purchases, itunes asks for password every time you buy something from the store.

Unfortunately this setting is made default and you have to explicitly stop it from asking. The good thing is the changes you make from one machine don't affect other devices so you can do this only from the machine you trust. Here's how to prevent iTunes asking for password for every purchase.


How to Stop iTunes from Asking for Password Everytime?

  1. Open iTunes and go to 'Edit' » 'Preferences' on Windows 7, 8 or 10 machine. For Mac OS, select 'iTunes' » 'Preferences'.
  2. Then switch over to 'Store' tab on Preferences window.
  3. You'll see two dropdowns to set password preferences for your purchases. One for all your new purchases and another for free download.
  4. The 'Purchases' drop down provides 3 options for you to set. One is 'Always Require', the default option, the second one 'Require After 15 Minutes' which makes itunes to prompt for password if you haven't made purchase for 15 minutes. And the final one is 'Never Require' which stops iTunes from asking password for every purchase.
  5. Choose 'Never Require' option for 'Purchases' drop down.
  6. Again to prevent iTunes prompt for password for free downloads as well, select 'Never Require' under 'Free Downloads'.

That should stop iTunes from asking for password every time you make purchase or any free downloads. It just simply asks for your confirmation and show a message, 'Are you sure you want to purchase' whenever you buy anything from the store.

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