Delete Partially Downloaded iTunes Files/Movies/Apps

Posted by on 9/15/2016

This post will show you how to delete partially downloaded iTunes files/movies/tv episodes/apps. iTunes temporarily stores files that are being downloaded in 'iTunes Media' folder. Once downloads are over, they will be moved to a permanent location in your hard drive.

If for any reason the iTunes downloads are interrupted, the partially downloaded TV shows/movie rentals/files won't get deleted. They will be stored in your hard disk even if you remove them from iTunes download queue. You have to delete them manually and here's how to do it on windows 7/8/10.

How to Delete Partially Downloaded iTunes Files?

  • To delete partially downloaded files, first of all close iTunes and open windows explorer (use Win+E shortcut). This will release the lock on partial downloads so that you can delete them.
  • On the left hand side, double click on 'Music' menu under 'Libraries'. Then on right side pane, navigate to 'iTunes' » 'iTunes Media' » 'Downloads'. This is where all the partially downloaded files are kept. Once the download is completed iTunes move the media files from here.
  • To get rid of all the partial downloads, select all files (use Ctrl+A) and press 'Delete' key. Alternatively scroll mouse to select all files, right click and choose 'Delete' on context menu.
  • On Windows machine, deleting the files will move them to 'Recycle bin'. It's up to you to empty recycle bin (which deletes file forever) or restore the deleted files.

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So likewise you could delete partially downloaded iTunes movie rentals, apps or any other files on Windows 7/8/10 machine.

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