What is My Email Address for My Kindle Fire Tablet

Posted by on 7/27/2016

What is my email address for my kindle fire? If this question nags you then probably you're wondering which email address you should use to send documents to Amazon kindle fire. Generally all your Amazon kindle device/apps will be attached with an email address at the time of registration.

These are called as 'Send-to-Kindle e-mail address' which is a unique auto-generated email-id assigned to your registered kindle fire/kindle apps. They can be used to send eBooks, pdf or other documents to the device as email attachment. If you don't know what's your kindle fire tablet email address is, then find it using the below suggested method.

What is My Email Address for My Kindle Fire?

  1. To get started login to your amazon account and click on 'Your Account'.
  2. On Your account page, select 'Manage your content and devices' link under 'Digital Content' section. This will open up a page with 'Your Content' and 'Your Devices' tabs.
  3. Move on to 'Your Devices' tab and choose the device to load the information related to that specific device at the bottom. Now look for the email address that ends with @kindle.com. Generally these are based on the username you provided at the time of registration or purchase.
  4. All your kindle email addresses would be auto generated one. So if you want to rename it, click on the tiny 'Edit' link next to the email-address and modify it and hit 'Save'. From now on you can use this email address to send documents to your kindle fire tablet.

Using this method you can easily find the email address of your amazon kindle fire tablet.

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