How to Change Zoom in Firefox for Android (ZOOM IN/OUT)

Posted by on 6/29/2016

Want to change zoom level in Firefox for Android? Feel like the text is too small for you to read on mobile or tablet? Then firefox for android let you zoom in and zoom out of the web page with some simple gestures.

I have already discussed about changing zoom level in firefox desktop and in this post I'll show you the different options you have to zoom in and out of the web page in firefox android.

How to Change Zoom in Firefox for Android?

Here are the two different methods by which you can change zoom level in firefox for android.


Method 1: Double-Tap to Zoom In/Zoom Out

In the first method, use double-tap on the mobile/tablet screen to change zoom level.

  • To Zoom In firefox android, just double-tap on the screen to get a closer look on the webpage.
  • To Zoom Out, double-tap again on the screen to revert back to the previous level.

Method 2: Pinch to Zoom

Alternatively you can use pinch gestures to zoom in & out of a webpage in firefox for android.

  • To Zoom-In, place 2 finger-tips on the screen over the web page and move them away from each other and you can see firefox nicely zooming into the webpage.
  • To Zoom-Out, again place 2 finger-tips on the screen and bring them closer together.

At any point, you can double-tap and double-tap again to return firefox back to normal zoom. Also note that, pinch gesture simply zoom in/zoom out webpage and not reformat the text.

Likewise, you can easily change/edit zoom level in firefox for android browser.

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