Top 6 Best Internet Speed Test Tools Online

Posted by on 5/11/2016

Here is the list of Top 6 Best Internet Speed Test Tools Online. This is the era of the internet and one cannot simply deny the importance of internet in day to day life. Without internet people will be lost. Bandwidth and Speed is all that matters when it comes to internet and your internet surfing experience completely relies on it.

With a proper Internet Speed Test Tool you can simply measure up the speed of your network connection and make sure you get what you pay for. If you feel like your network slows down or want to predict the download/upload speed you get, simply check your internet speed with any of the online internet speed test tools suggested below.


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Top 6 Best Internet Speed Test Tools Online

Here is the list of top 6 best internet speed test tools to check internet speed online.

1. is the one of the best internet speed test tools online and quite popular among the online folks to check their network speed. It runs flash-based applet which thankfully light-weight in nature reduces the impact over test results making it more precise.

There are more than 2500 different test servers located all over the world and no matter where's your physical location is, it picks up the fastest near-by server based on ping. Plus its user interface is simple and easy-to-use and detects your IP too. All you have to do is to click on the "Begin Test" button and it will show up the download & upload speed you get, latency and packet loss within seconds. And you also get the option to share the results with your friends too.

2. is another simple and intuitive best free online internet speed test tool. This tool instantly analyzes your broadband connection speed and it in graphical representation which makes a unique tool among the rest. Besides, the results produced are more accurate as the tool predicts the internet connection speed with the closest server to your physical location. can measure the strength and speed of your internet connection of all sorts of networks like broadband, 4G, 3G, HSPA or fibre. Good thing is you don't need any special software to run the tests other than a flash enabled browser. And all tests are performed within the browser over HTTP.

3. BandWidthPlace

BandWidthPlace is a simple yet powerful tool to measure the bandwidth performance. The tool has been around for over a decade and since 2013 it adopted to HTML5 protocol to make the tool compatible with all sorts of devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The tool is light-weight enough to run tests even from mobile phones and the results are likely accurate.

Unlike other speed test tools, this will allows you to select servers and locations of your choice to measure how your network latency and speed are affected by distance. Besides from checking the internet connection speed, it will also detect your IP and ISP too.

4. TestMySpeed

TestMySpeed is one of the most trusted and sought-out internet speed test tool since 2000. It measures up your bandwidth performance for free without much hassle. Just click on the "Start Speed Test" button and you will get to know in seconds the up and download speed you receive from the internet service provider.


iSpeedOMeter is another good online tool to check your internet connection speed. It performs the test with the nearest server to the location and predicts download and upload speed in KB/sec. The tool can check up the network speed in ISDN, Dial up, DSL and likewise.

6. TestInternetSpeed

It is another best internet speed test tool available online and tests the speed you receive from the network. TestInternetSpeed tool serves dual purpose - apart from measuring up the internet speed it also works as anti-malware too. It finds out and removes the hidden spyware, malware and other harmful viruses from your system thus improving the overall performance of the computer.

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Over to You

I hope our list of top online best internet speed test tools will be helpful to you. Slow internet connection is a nightmare! If you want to check your internet speed you can test it out with one of the above mentioned internet speed test tools. The results produced are highly accurate and reliable as they are some of the best online tools available and trusted by millions of internet users.


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