Top 8 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2016

Posted by on 4/26/2016

Top 8 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android 2016: Owning a feature-rich android Smartphone is not a big deal these days but ever draining battery is. People are used to surf internet, stream videos, watch movies, play high-end games and hundred-and-one other stuffs with a Smartphone. Though smartphones are very handy for such things, they take a toll on the phone's battery backup. So, how to extend the battery life of android smartphone?

Proper battery optimization will subsequently improve the battery backup. Do you know how many unwanted apps sneak them to run at the background without your knowledge? These apps not only eat up your precious data but drains battery drastically. To get you out of this mess so many developers have created battery saver apps for android that optimizes and considerably extend the phone's battery backup.

To guide you in choosing the best android battery saver app, here is the list of top 8 best battery saver apps for android phones.


Top 8 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android Phones

1. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is one of the best battery saver apps for android. It can easily extend battery life of your android smartphone via healthy charging. The app acts as a power manager for android phones and is available as free and paid version. With free version you get to boost the phones battery backup by 50% and the paid version can even boost upto 70%.

  • Option to change CPU clock frequency in rooted phones
  • One touch OPTIMIZE button to find and fix battery consuming processes
  • Pre set Battery Management Mode to extend battery life
  • Option to create customized power management mode
  • Visual battery level indicator by percent/time

2. Linpus Battery Saver & Widget

Linpus Battery Saver & Widget is an excellent android battery saver among those free options and comes with loads of optimization features which are not offered in several other apps. Some of its options include - lists programs that consumes more battery power and allows you to kill with single tap of a button, predict the remaining battery time for a particular app before battery is drained etc.

  • Intelligent battery level indicator on single app basis
  • Detects and kills unwanted apps running at the background
  • One Touch Optimization
  • Customized Optimization feature

3. Battery Doctor

Coming from the popular internet company Cheetah Mobiles, Battery Doctor is another good power saver app for android os. The company is well-known for popular Clean Master app and Battery Doctor is another best from them which is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Battery Doctor app claims to extend Smartphone battery backup of upto fifty percent and available for free.

  • Provides battery level estimate for various tasks like browsing, gaming, video streaming etc.
  • Employs three stage charging mode for healthy charging
  • Easy tweaks to phone settings to boost battery backup
  • Screen brightness control and power saving mode
  • CPU Management option for rooted mobiles
  • One touch task killer

4. Avast Battery Saver

The next in our list of best battery saver app for android is Avast Battery Saver which comes from the developers of renowned Avast Antivirus Software. Avast Battery Saver app is totally free and boosts battery life by optimizing your Smartphone settings like display brightness, screen timeout, net connection and much more.

  • Optimized Smart Profiles for efficient battery backup
  • Detect and deactivate apps that eat up battery power automatically
  • Accurate remaining battery level estimator

5. Intel Battery Optimizer & Cleaner

Battery Optimizer and Cleaner from Intel is a great two-in-one app which acts both as a battery saver and task master. With this you can improve phone's battery life, remove temp and junk files, free up RAM and keep an eye on data usage.

  • Easy-To-Use One-TAP booster
  • Relieves RAM
  • Remove unwanted apps and junk files
  • Monitor Mobile data usage

6. GO Battery Saver and Power Widget

This is a powerful battery saver app for android from GO Team which enhances the battery life of android smartphones. Its one click optimization includes several pre-defined settings along with the room for customizing power saving modes based upon personal choice.

  • One Click Optimization Feature
  • Pre-defined power saving mode
  • Smart Tab for efficient battery optimization
  • Accurate remaining battery level estimation
  • Healthy Charging mode

7. NQ Easy Battery Saver APP

NQ Easy Battery Saver is one of the most creative battery optimizer for Android coming from the popular manufacturer of NetQin Mobile Manager for Symbian mobiles. It includes features like optimizing battery from home screen, smart assistant widget for one touch boost, lists memory & power consumption of every app and much more.

  • Display battery consumption and memory usage of each app
  • Smart assistant to boost battery life
  • Individual app lock available

8. Greenify

Greenify is another good android battery saver to consider and suitable for rooted android phones unlike the rest of the apps listed here. The app is extremely light-in-weight and consumes low power by itself. Greenify detects and hibernates apps that pulls down the phone's performance and battery backup if they are not used right away. Plus it also kills unwanted apps running at the background that eats up battery.

  • Hibernate apps to keep from draining battery
  • Automatically kills junk apps running at the background
  • Extremely light-weight
  • Low RAM & CPU usage

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Over To You

That makes for our list of top 8 best battery saver apps for android devices. These apps can be used on both smartphones and tablets. If your mobile battery is draining out quickly in a suspicious way, then it is highly recommended to try one of the above recommended battery saver apps. No matter what, you can see a significant boost in your phone's battery life.

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