Safari for Windows 10 (DOWNLOAD & INSTALL)

Posted by on 4/18/2016

Download Safari for Windows 10: Safari is one of the incredibly popular desktop browsers similar to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and MS Internet Explorer. Safari is the default web browser for Max OS X just like IE is the default one for Windows 10 and earlier versions. Safari is fast, easy-to-use and comes with loads of attractive features making it undoubtedly the best web browser in the world.

The latest version of safari packs several rich options which allow users to surf and enjoy the internet without hassle. Attractive graphics makes internet browsing a pleasant experience and some of the updated features of Safari is way lot better than Firefox and IE browsers.


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Key Features of Safari Web Browser

  • You can quickly search and browse for the previous search results for fast internet access.
  • Safari allows users to easily navigate through the url path by typing in your query to display the related WebPages.
  • Just like Chrome and Firefox, Safari 3.1 includes DOM inspector feature that lets you inspect the HTML & CSS of the web page elements.
  • The browser includes inline-dictionary which allows you to select and look for the meaning of words during browsing.
  • Are you tired of reading through the text while browsing? Don't worry. Safari converts text to audio and let you listen to it. Just highlight the text in any web page and safari will read through the text for you.
  • Users can check their browsing activity by looking through the activity window which displays the type of pages, scripts running and other activities going around.
  • You can easily share a link via email with your friends with the help of quick keyboard shortcut.
  • You can take quick notes while browsing by creating sticky notes in Safari browser.
  • That's some of the features to mention in Safari.

Is Safari Good for Windows 10?

According to Apple, Safari web browser's performance exceeds in certain aspects than Firefox and Google Chrome. It employs minimal layout and mess-free UI which makes Safari to run smooth as butter in Windows 10 Operating System.

Download and Install Safari For Windows 10 OS

Safari download is available on Apple's Website and Windows 10 users can go there and easily download and install Safari for Windows 10 along with several feature-rich addons. Similar to Chrome & Firefox, Safari also comes with great popular add-ons like Awesome Screenshot, Firebug etc which you can easily get it from Safari extensions gallery.

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Altogether Safari is a great browser for Windows 10 and you can easily download safari for windows 10 from Apple’s official website.

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