Play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Offline

Posted by on 3/28/2016

No internet connection? Offline and bored? Then kill some time by playing Google Chrome dinosaur game offline. There is a cute T-Rex Dinosaur Game hidden in your chrome browser which you can play offline.

Chrome web store contains hoards of addictive online and offline games which you can download and install in chrome browser and play. But there is a hidden dinosaur game comes in-built with chrome which you can play offline. It's a classic endless runner game which is only accessible when chrome browser detects you are offline. Follow the procedure given here to play Google chrome dino game offline.

How to Play Google Chrome Dinosaur Game Offline

Some may be probably familiar with the T-Rex dinosaur which shows up on the error page when you don't have internet connection. For others just open chrome browser and disconnect your internet connection or switch to work offline. Now a cute T-rex dinosaur with short arms appears on the screen.


Hit on the Spacebar and the ground beneath T-Rex dino will extend to the right, and he'll start running until he bumps into the cacti. Your mission is to prevent him from hitting into the hurdle by making him jump-over it. Simply hit the Spacebar whenever you want him to jump over. The game will also track your progress with score count.

The dino game is written in JavaScript and not only available in Chrome for desktop but Chrome for Android and IOS too. Now what are you waiting for? Start playing this addictive Google Chrome Dinosaur Game whenever you are offline and bored :)

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