How to Safely Remove USB OTG from Android Device

Posted by on 10/05/2017

This article will show you how to safely remove USB OTG from Android devices. When using OTG it is necessary to unmount the USB device properly before physically disconnecting it. If you have an Android phone (nougat, marshmallow or lollipop) with OTG support, you definitely want to know this tip, so read on.

What is OTG? OTG stands for 'USB On The Go'. This is one of the newest and most useful features of Android. It allows you to connect any USB device such as flash drives, memory cards, keyboard, mouse etc. to your Android phone via the micro USB port.

safely remove otg from android
USB OTG is an extension of USB 2.0 that allows devices like Android to serve as a host and let USB devices communicate with each other without being connected to a PC.

When your android device has OTG, you do not need PCs to transfer files to and fro from the device. By using the OTG cable, you can connect the pen drive or SD Card directly to the phone and access the storage contents.

Safely Remove OTG from Android:

It is well known that any portable USB device should be safely removed before it is physically detached. Simply removing it will result in data loss or unexpected behavior. You must first unmount the USB storage on Android before removing the OTG cable from the smartphone.

To safely remove USB storage device from Android, follow these steps:

1. Open Android 'Settings' and go to 'Storage'.

unmount usb otg android

2. On the next screen, tap the 'Unmount USB Storage' option.

unmount usb storage from android

3. You will be asked for confirmation. Press 'OK' button to confirm unmounting of the USB storage.

4. This will properly unmount USB storage on Android. You can then remove the OTG cable from your smartphone safely.

OTG is a nice feature but you must handle it with proper care when using. Removing USB OTG safely from Android is fairly easy and only takes a few seconds.

Always remember to unmount the USB storage devices from your Android phone first before removing the OTG cable. This saves you from data corruption. I hope you like this post. If you find this tip useful, please don't forget to share it on social networks.

Why You Need To Use SSD? Main Advantages Of SSD Over HDD

Posted by on 9/29/2017

Until recently, computer buyers had very little choice over a storage type to put on a laptop or desktop PC. Thanks to the growth of technology, you can now configure your system with HDD or SSD, or in some cases both. But how to choose between SSD or HDD? Without knowing the appropriate differences between the two, and their pros and cons, it would be difficult for you to decide.

The traditional Hard Drive or HDD consists of a metal tray with a magnetic coating to store data. It also includes a movable arm with a read / write head for accessing the data when the tray rotates.

A Solid State Drive or SSD is also a nonvolatile storage like HDD, but here the data is stored on flash memory chips that are interconnected with each other. Since there are no mechanical moving parts, SSD operates at an ultra-fast speed.

SSD has so many advantages than the HDD, but the only reason why hard drives are still preferred is because of its storage size and low cost. Even though the price of SSDs has been dropping, the cost per gigabyte advantage continues to be strongly with hard drives.

Not all buyers are the same. Each has different needs and their decision would be based on those needs, personal preferences and of course budget. So if money is not a constraint, and your main concern is performance and speed, then SSD is the way to go.

Main Advantages of SSD Over HDD - Infographics

The following infographic lists the key advantages of a solid state drive and helps you choose the type of storage you need.

key benefits of ssd over hdd

Main Advantages of SSD Over HDD - An Infographic by

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Automatically Shutdown Android Phone/Tablet

Posted by on 7/14/2017

Do you want to automatically shutdown android phone or tablet? And yet not sure if it is possible or not? Well! It is completely doable, but only works on a rooted android device. Here we will see how to shutdown android mobile automatically at specific time using android app. There are a lot of auto shutdown apps available for Android, but only a few of them are up to the task. Below I have shared two such android apps that help you to shut down android automatically.

Remember that the app method is only applicable to rooted android devices and for good reason.

automatically shutdown android devices

Shutdown Android Automatically using Apps

The first App is Automateit and is not just a simple auto shut downer. The android app is feature rich and allows you to automate various tasks on your Android phone or tablet.

All you have to do is to set up rules consisting 'Trigger-Action' and make your Smartphone behave as you want.

Using Automateit App to Auto Shutdown Android:

1. From your Android phone, go to the Google Play Store, download and install the Automateit app.

2. Once installed, start the application. You must now set up a new rule to shut down android mobile automatically at a certain time.

3. For that, tap on 'Add Rule' option. It will open a screen to add new rule and contains several types of triggers for you to set.

auto shutdown android mobile

4. Go to 'Common' section and choose 'Time Trigger'. You will see a timer on the screen. Set the time you want the phone to shutdown automatically. There will also be an option to repeat the trigger every day or on specific days of the week.

5. The 'Every Day' option is checked by default. You must remove the tick mark to see other available options.

6. Once the timer is set, press 'Next' and it will take you to the 'Action' screen.

7. From there, go to 'System' and select the 'Shutdown Device Action' option.

8. On the next screen provide a name for this rule and select 'Save' in the upper right corner of the screen.

Done! From now on your phone will turn off when it gets to the specified time. If you wish, you can also set up multiple shutdown rules using the app. But remember that the app will only shutdown your phone, but it is up to you to boot it when necessary.

In case you want to disable the automatic shutdown process, go to 'My Rules' and choose the name of the rule. Press the 'ON' button to deactivate the rule. It is a toggle switch, so you have to simply tap it again to enable the rule.

To permanently delete the rule, select 'Delete Rule'. And to change shutdown time or something else, choose 'Edit Rule', change and save it.

2. Shutdown Timer

If you need a basic auto scheduler that is simple to use, then 'Shutdown Timer' is for you. The app is useful to shutdown, restart or switch into flight mode at specific time. Keep in mind that this application requires root access.

1. To set up automatic shutdown from your Android phone, visit play store, download and install Shutdown Timer application.

2. Once installed, open the app. For the first time the app will display a warning, so you must click 'Allow' for the app to work.

3. You will now see a timer screen where you will need to set the time and date for auto shutdown.

shutdown android automatically

4. Once configured, go to the bottom, click 'Action' tab and set it to shutdown device.

5. Finally, select 'Schedule' button to set automatic shutdown timer.

That's it! Your Android mobile will shutdown at the scheduled time and date automatically.

With both of the above apps, you can make your android device to shutdown automatically. The apps require root access and the reason behind this makes sense, as it is dangerous to give external apps the power to shutdown your device automatically. So if you are desperate, root your android and use this feature.

Fix Invalid IMEI Error in Android Phone (MTK)

Posted by on 7/06/2017

Do you know how to fix invalid imei error in android? If you don't, here is the solution for imei error. After factory reset, Android upgrade or custom ROM installation may sometimes result in an invalid IMEI error. The error occurs mostly on Mediatek Android devices and raises network issues. It makes your Phone's Sim unrecognizable and prevents you from making and receiving calls.

Fortunately invalid IMEI is a common problem and has some quick fix. But before going into the solutions, here's a little background about IMEI for complete beginners.

What is the IMEI Number?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. It consists of a unique fifteen-digit number and is used to identify GSM Phones. So is Sim number not enough? Why the need for IMEI? Generally Sim no. is associated with individuals and can be exchanged from phone to phone. But that's not the case with the IMEI number. It is exclusive to a particular handset and cannot be inter-changed between devices. Therefore, it is useful to track the device from anywhere.

How to Fix Invalid IMEI Error in Android?

Below I have shared two different methods by which you can solve invalid imei problem in android devices.

Method-1) Reset IMEI Number

In the first method you have to reset the imei number to the handset.

What you'll need?

  • Rooted Android Phone
  • Your Phone's IMEI Number
  • Mobileuncle Tools (or) MTK Engineering Mode App

First make sure that your Android phone is rooted otherwise the method will not work.

To try this method you must know the IMEI number of your device. Generally dialing '*#06#' from the phone will display the IMEI number of the handset. But in our case it will not work and you'll get an invalid error.

But don't worry! You have other ways to find out the phone's IMEI.

If you are lucky enough to have the handset's retail box you can find the IMEI printed on it. If your phone comes with a removable battery, then open the device, remove the battery and find a label that contains the phone's IMEI numbers.

Once you have the IMEI number, write it down on paper.

1. Now download and install Mobileuncle Tools App on your Android phone.

2. Then open the App and tap on 'Engineer Mode' option on the screen.

how to fix invalid imei after factory reset

3. On the Engineer Mode screen, tap the 'Engineering Mode (MTK)' option.

invalid imei fix mtk

4. Next swith over to 'Connectivity' and tap on 'CDS Information' at the bottom and tap again on 'Radio Information'.

how to reset imei number

5. If your phone is dual-sim, you will see 'Phone 1' & 'Phone 2' which represents 'Sim 1' and 'Sim 2' respectively.

how to repair imei number in android

6. Select 'Phone 1' and you'll see 'AT+' in a textbox. Now enter EGMR=1,7,"YOUR_IMEI_NUMBER" next to it. Make sure your full command looks like AT+EGMR=1,7,"YOUR_IMEI_NUMBER" and tap 'Send AT Command' button. You will get a pop-up window that shows 'AT Command Sent'.

7. You must repeat the process for 'Sim 2' as well. For that select 'Phone 2' and type AT+EGMR=1,10,"YOUR_IMEI_NUMBER" and press 'Send AT Command'. Make sure to use the second IMEI number for Sim 2.

8. When finished, reboot the phone.

Congratulations! You have successfully fixed the invalid IMEI error on Android.

If you face problem sending 'AT Command', try a space between 'AT' and '+' like this, AT<space>+EGMR=1,7,"YOUR_IMEI_NUMBER" and both methods work for me.

Method-2) Restore IMEI Backup

With the second method you can simply restore the IMEI number on handset and you are good to go.

What you'll need?

  • Rooted Android Smartphone
  • IMEI Number Backup
  • Mobileuncle Tools

1. Download and install Mobileuncle Tools App on your Android mobile. Once installed, launch the application and tap on 'IMEI Backup Restore (MTK)' option.

invalid imei android solution

2. You will now see four options on the screen. The first two are meant for taking IMEI backup and the next two for restoring IMEI on the phone.

3. If you have an IMEI backup file in the internal storage, choose the 'Restore IMEI from SDCARD(MTK)' option. If you have stored the backup in the external storage (SD Card), select the last option 'Restore IMEI from SDCARD2(MTK)'.

This will restore the IMEI number on the phone. Just make sure you have the backup in the root folder of the storage.

Reboot your phone and dial *#06# from your device. You will receive the IMEI number if the error was solved.

I hope now you have a better understanding of fixing invalid imei error on android. Note that the above methods will only work for mediatek devices. Also, Mobileuncle Tools is not available in the Play Store so you have to get it elsewhere. You can also use the MTK Engineering Mode application as an alternative. If you find this post useful, don't forget to share it in social media.

How to Stop Autoplay Videos on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera

Posted by on 6/10/2017

Hi! This post will show you how to stop autoplay video on chrome, firefox, safari and opera browser. Auto play videos suck and unfortunately they are all over web. It's pretty hard to miss them! They steal your internet bandwidth and annoys to no end. And then there's this music too. If you use latest web browsers then they are fully equipped to block flash-based videos by themselves. But websites these days uses HTML5 to play videos and media. And they'll automatically start playing once the page loads.

Luckily you can stop autoplaying videos no matter its Flash or HTML5. Here I have shared some of the methods you can use to stop video autoplay on various browsers like chrome, firefox, opera and safari.

stop autoplay video chrome firefox safari opera

1. Stop Video Autoplay on Chrome

Chrome ships with built-in support to stop auto playing flash videos. But there are complaints about them not working. So if you have such issues then I recommend you to use a chrome extension. Just go to chrome store, download and install flashcontrol extension. Once installed it will automatically stop flash videos from playing.

The extension will simply disable flash on chrome. At any time you can easily enable flash by changing the settings.

To do so right click on the extension and choose 'Allow flash plugins on this site' or any other option you prefer.

Flashcontrol Extension

If you notice the extension will work only for flash videos. HTML5 videos will still be playing automatically on chrome.

To stop HTML5 video auto-play get this extension instead. Once enabled, chrome will load HTML5 video but won't play it automatically. It's your call to watch it or not.

2. Stop Video Autoplay on Firefox

With Firefox you don't need plugins to stop autoplaying video at start. You can just do it right in the browser settings itself.

To stop flash video auto play in firefox, open firefox, go to 'Tools' > 'Add-ons' or simply hit the hotkey 'Ctrl+Shift+A'.

Navigate to 'Plugins' section and look for 'Shockwave Flash'. By default the dropdown besides the plug-in will show 'Always Activate', means it's enabled.

shockwave flash firefox

To disable Flash in Firefox choose 'Ask to Activate' option from the dropdown. This will prevent flash videos from auto-playing.

Next we have to stop HTML5 videos.

To stop autoplaying HTML5 video in firefox, enter 'about:config' in the address bar and click on "I'll be careful, I promise" button.

Now search for the option 'media.autoplay.enabled'. Once you find it double-click on it to turn it off. Else you can simply right-click click and choose 'Toggle' option. This will disable auto play.

stop autoplay video firefox

From now on HTML5 video won't play automatically anymore on loading.

The only downside to this method is it will also prevent vimeo videos from playing. As a Vimeo user I find it annoying but guess it wouldn't be a problem to others.

Flashstoper Plugin for Firefox

If you don't bother using one more plugin, I recommend get flashstopper plugin for firefox. It will stop both flash and html5 video auto play on firefox but will not get in the way of Vimeo playback.

3. Stop Video Autoplay on Safari

If you use Mac, then there's good workaround to disable playing videos automatically in Safari. 'ClickToPlugin' tends to work earlier but seems it no longer get updates. So we have to go for other method.

First you need to turn on Safari Debug menu. For that open Terminal and type the below lines into it, hit Return and wait for couple of seconds.

defaults write
IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1

Using option '1' will enable Debug menu in safari browser. Later you can turn off Debug menu by using option '0' like this,

defaults write
IncludeInternalDebugMenu 0

But for now you just enable Debug menu so that we can stop auto play videos.

Now quit Terminal and open Safari browser. Find Debug menu and select 'Media Flags' > 'Disallow Inline Video' option (You can also try 'Video Needs User Action' if this raise issues but both options has little difference).

That's it! It will prevent autoplaying videos/audio in safari.

4. Stop Autoplay Video in Opera

disable autoplay video in opera

And here's the method to turn off autoplay videos in opera browser. It's really very simple. You have to download and install Disable HTML5 Autoplay extension for opera. Once installed you don't have to worry about autoplaying videos anymore.

Best Bluetooth Key Wallet Finder & Luggage Tracking Tags 2017

Posted by on 5/29/2017

Best Bluetooth Keychain Wallet Finder 2017 - If you are the one who always scramble for keys on your way out of the house then attach a wireless bluetooth key finder to them and make your life easier. These tiny dongles works on bluetooth and alerts you about their where-about with beep sound. Key Finders connects with your smartphone and helps tracking keychain, car keys, wallets, purses, remotes, track luggages and even your pets. All you have to do it to attach a key finder/tracker to them and can easily track them from your phone or pc.

best key finders 2017 reviews

Life is hectic and we are likely to misplace common things like wallets, car keys, remotes and even mobile phones. And the worst case scenario it to forget or lose them. So it's wise to buy and attach a good key finder and locate them on unfortunate situations.

What is a Key Finder and How it Works?

Key Finders are tiny GPS tracking devices and syncs with your mobile or pc using integrated app. So if you want to track say key-chain, then you must tag it with the finder gadget. In-case you have misplaced or lost it, you can locate it easily with mobile or pc. But what if you have lost your phone or laptop itself? Still you can find them with finder gadget. Pretty nice huh!

Come let's see what are the best bluetooth key & wallet finders you can buy in 2017.

Top 10 Best Wireless Bluetooth Key Wallet Finders 2017:

1. Tile Mate Key Finder - All Purpose Key Finder

tile key finder review 2017

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Tile Mate is an all-purpose best key phone wallet finder you can buy in the market as of now. It is extremely lite and comes with durable battery. Tile Mate is an all-in-one gadget finder/pet tracker and helps locating all those little things you value most in life. You can easily hook it to a key chain or stick to wallet, purse, mobile, laptop or even your lovely pet. Later track them with the help of integrated tile app when you have to.

Simply use your mobile phone to ring tile mate and easily locate the item out of sight. But what if you have misplaced mobile itself? Just simply double press the button on Tile Mate and your mobile will start ringing and let you know where it is.

In case your item is stolen you can log in to the tile app and mark it as lost. When any of the tile user comes within the range of your lost item, the app alerts you where about.

Good thing is you'd get huge discounts for bulk purchases, highly recommended.

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2. TrackR Bravo

best key tracker with gps

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TrackR Bravo is another best bluetooth wallet, keychain finder and let you easily locates misplaced items and devices with its app and Bluetooth technology. There is not much difference with TrackR App than the rest in this list but when it comes to design this one wins.

It has got pretty sturdy built to last long and cool LED indicator light that blinks when the alarm goes on. Would be very handy when you try to locate it in dark.

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3. Pebblebee Honey

best phone finder device

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Pebblebee Honey is an all-purpose gadget finder with stunning coverage of 150 ft. It comes with the best luggage tracking tags. It is extremely good at discovering items out of sight even in dark with blinking LED light. Plus the best part of this finder gadget is its highly customizable app. The app comes with so many cool features and easy to set up and use on your Phone or PC.

You can even trigger your mobile to snap photos and record videos with it. It also automatically alerts you when you move out of the discoverable range of items.

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4. iHere 3.0

best bluetooth tracker 2017

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This key and gadget finder works on Bluetooth and comes with cool design and noteworthy features. The device is rechargeable which alone makes it to stand out from the crowd. So you don't have to change battery when you run out of fuel.

Plus the app is highly customizable and all you have to do is to tag the items in the app and it will start tracking them. And you will be alerted when you move out of the limited range of the tagged items. Another interesting feature is its LED indicator which helps locating items in the dark.

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5. Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3

best wireless key finder 2017

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Luxsure Smart Tag Nut 3 is the next generation key finder and can be bought as sets of one, two & three packs. The tags are extremely lite and cover good range. Its intergrated app is user friendly and easy to setup and customize. You can tag items, set ringer volume, automatic triggers and much more.

To use Luxsure Smart Tag Nut, attach the tags to the items you want to track. Then install the app to your Smartphone, pair up the tagged items for tracking and set up remote alerts.

This will ring and alert you when you move out of the range of items. You can also reverse trigger to let your mobile beep when you misplaced it.

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6. Magicfly Wireless RF Key Finder

best wireless car key finder

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Magicfly Wireless RF Key Finder is affordably priced and comes with 4-receivers and a transmitter. It is relatively good at locating misplaced items and has good coverage.

It has got so many user reviews and ratings and that accounts for the high durability and excellent build quality.

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7. Click ‘n Dig E4 Key Finder

best wallet locator 2017

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Click ‘n Dig Key Finder is another good choice in our list of best key wallet finders. You don't have to integrate it with phone as it comes with its own RF receiver.

It is sold in sets as E2 (2 finders), E4 (4 finders) & F6 (6 finders). As for E4 pack, it contains 4 receivers and one RF transmitter. There are two key ringers which you can chain through keychain & luggage zip lock to track luggages during travel and two flat ones to stick to wallets, phones, laptops and alike.

Tags come in four different colors and the transmitter contains four buttons each one for a receiver. You have to long press the button to trigger alarm of the particular item. The ring is loud and works well within 80 feet range. Overall it's very simple and effective if your range is short.

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8. WTR (Where's the Remote) Key Finder

best key finders

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WTR Key Finder is for people who likes simple uncomplicated device. The dongle covers a good range of about 70 to 110 feet and comes in a pack of four key-ring finders and a transmitter. All of the four receivers are of different colored and whenever you want to track a particular item you have to long press the corresponding colored button on the transmitter. Then the item tagged with particular color beeps to let you know where it is.

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9. JTD Wireless RF Item Locator/Key Finder

best key finder beeper

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JTD Wireless RF Key Finder is another alternative that has solid body built, better coverage range and battery backup. The device comes with a transmitter and 4 receivers of which two are key ring finders and two are flat receivers which you can stick up to wallet, purse, mobile or laptop. The transmitter comes with a base and has decent performance.

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10. iKee Bluetooth Smart Finder

best key locator

This Smart Key Finder works on Bluetooth and comes with a smart receiver and mobile app. The receiver is so small and can easily be tagged to key chain, wallet or even your dog or cat. Then you have to install the app on your Smartphone and pair the tags for the device to track and store the location of items. Later whenever you misplaced or lost the item, just open the tracking app and trigger alarm to locate it.

Overall a decent tracker, but certainly has limitations like limited range, non-waterproof body and constant Bluetooth disconnection to preserve battery juice.

Our Picks for Best Gaming Mouse for Dota 2 in 2017 (Pro Players Choice)

Posted by on 5/09/2017

Dota 2 is one of the Best MOBA game out there played by millions of gamers. No matter if you are a good player, your hardware is what determines gaming performance, especially the Mouse. A good gaming mouse will provide better gaming experience in games like Dota 2. You can't play the game with just any mouse. They are likely to buckle under the strain the game puts on it. Therefore it is better to invest in a good gaming mouse which is convenient and has lots of features required for playing Dota 2.

Choosing the best mouse for playing Dota 2 would be daunting since the market is crowded with a wide range of selection. Apart from the price factor you have to look for features like DPI, Macro buttons, Ergonomic design etc.

Top 5 Gaming Mice for Playing Dota 2

1. Razer DeathAdder Chroma

best gaming mouse for dota 2

Razer DeathAdder Chroma is one of the Best Gaming Mice to Play Dota 2. It is the most popular choice among Dota 2 players and the ergonomic design perfectly fits under your palm. You won't feel any strain at all even after hours of playing.

It features an optical sensor of 10,000 DPI which is excellent for the price range. And the mouse responds with amazing precision no matter you play on fast or slow pace.

When it comes to programmable buttons DeathAdder has five buttons no less or more. It is more than enough to play Dota 2 game. You can use them for linking skills and item slots. Sure enough you can go for a mouse with more buttons but having less buttons is sort of convenient and less-confusing in my opinion.

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2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

top mouse for playing dota 2

Logitech 502 is a great alternative choice for playing Dota 2. It is one such mouse that suits all sorts of grips and games. Being the most customizable mouse in the market you can tune it to suit your personal taste.

What we like most is the customizable weights. Yep! You can add extra weights to Logitech G502 to give balance and comfort to reach greater accuracy in the heat of the game.

Plus there are eleven programmable buttons which is twice as much of Razer DeathAdder Chroma. So if you play other games then these extra buttons will be quite useful.

As for design it is not overly big or small. Just the right size to fit snugly under your palm. And the ergonomic design offers comfortable grip without strain. Overall Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is a great value for money gaming mouse.

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3. Razer Naga Ergonomic Mouse

best dota 2 gaming mouse

Razer Naga is a good versatile gaming mouse popular among gamers. The mouse is excellent in its ergonomic factor and offers maximum comfort while playing. If you feel heavy mice are inconvenient to use for hours then you'll love Razer Naga. The mouse is light-enough to glide easily on your mouse pad.

And the best part is it has 12 configurable side buttons which you can use to attach skills and items in Dota 2. Plus the super-responsive 4G laser sensor provides up to 8200 DPI resolution.

Overall Razar Naga is a good gaming mouse with lots of programmable buttons and cool performance.

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4. Logitech G400s

budget gaming mouse for dota 2

Logitech G400s is another great choice for playing Dota 2. It comes with very good ergonomic design and sculpted grip for better handling. There are 8 configurable buttons on the mouse for linking anything you want in Dota 2.

Its 4000 DPI optical sensor offers high-precision gaming experience. Plus you can switch over to various DPI settings with single click of a button.

Overall it's a great gaming mouse from Logitech suitable to play all MOBA games especially Dota 2. It has got report rate of 1 millisecond and low-friction feet which makes it suitable for playing FPS games too.

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5. SteelSeries Rival

dota 2 gaming mouse

SteelSeries Rival optical gaming mouse is a popular choice among Dota 2 players for several reasons. The mouse has a very good resolution of 6500 DPI with a quick response time of 1 millisecond for gaming experience without delays. Plus it comes with 6 configurable buttons to bind skills in Dota 2 game.

Dota 2 players will appreciate the ergonomic design and incredible smoothness under their palm. And the buttons are well-placed for easy access in the heat of the game.

If you run out of mouse often then you must seriously consider SteelSeries Rival as it is highly durable and guarantees 30 million clicks of a life cycle.

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How to Pick the Best Mouse for Dota 2?

In a Moba game like Dota 2 your Mouse plays a key role. High precision and responsiveness vastly improves the gaming experience.

DPI Is Important:

DPI or Dots-per-inch refers to the sensitivity of a mouse. Having higher DPI will let you play with more precision and respond to minor movements as well. As for Dota 2 you can settle for 5-6K DPI but if you also play FPS games then you may need to go for much higher DPI range. Some mice come with dedicated button and you can switch over DPI range with a flick of a button.

Wired or Wireless - Which one is best?

With wired gaming mouse you will never be out of connectivity and enjoy the best responsiveness you require for moba games. Of course there are some good wireless gaming mice in the market with superb responsiveness. Overall it comes down to the personal preference. If you don't mind cords, then go for wired mouse. This will also save you some bucks.

Do You Need Programmable Buttons?

Having a few programmable buttons will be very useful for playing MOBA, MMO games. Some may use only keyboard but others rely on mouse. As for Dota 2 binding items and skills to buttons will offer fast access. You may not need more than 4-5 buttons for this purpose.

Design Factor:

Ergonomic is the key. If you are a hardcore player I don't have to tell you how much mouse design affects you physically. Ergonomically designed mouse offers greater comfort even after long hours of gaming session. Brands like Logitech, Razer are the key-players in this gaming market and produces mouse with good ergonomic forms.

If you are not sure which mouse to pick for Dota 2 then go through our recommended mice section. They are convenient, cost-effective with loads of features helpful for playing Dota 2.