BSNL Offers 1GB at Rs 1 Plan - Charges & How to Activate

Posted by Admin on January 23, 2017

BSNL Offers 1GB at Rs 1 Data Plan with Free Unlimited Voice Calls. To compete with Reliance Jio 4 offers, BSNL has launched its BB 249 Data Plan in which offers unlimited internet for Rs 249 per month. Right now, this is the most economic pack in the market that costs as less as Rs1 for 1GB of data.

Ever since the launch of Reliance Jio 4G Network, other operators like Airtel, BSNL, Idea and Vodafone are compelled to bring up more economic offers to beat up Jio's competition. Since Jio offers unbelievable services like four months of free internet, free calls & cheapest data rates, BSNL has now jumped into the race with its BB 249 Data Plan, which is the most affordable pack for average consumers of India.

BSNL 1GB 1RS Pack itself is quite attractive since you'd get unlimited internet for 249 rs with this rather spending the same amount to get 1GB of 3G Data from other mobile operators. So if you wish to know more about BSNL 1GB at Rs 1 Pack, then below we have shared the complete details of the pack, monthly rental, eligibility and how to activate bsnl 1gb 1rs plan.

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BSNL 1GB at Rs 1 Plan Offer:

BSNL is running 1GB 1RS offer for a while since 9th September 2016. The plan has been named as 'Experience Unlimited BB 249' and offers up to 300 GB data per month at an affordable price of Rs 249/month. Since Jio is wireless, this BSNL's 1GB 1RS plan is much welcomed by broadband users who needs loads of GBs at affordable cost.

How Much Speed You'd Get on BSNL 1GB 1RS Internet Plan?

Under this plan, you'd get Internet at 2 Mbps speed for first 1GB of data and then reduced to 1Mbps later. In my opinion, this is the hardest thing about BB 249 plan since most of us struggle with 5Mbps speed connection. So think twice before taking up this plan if you are an internet enthusiast spending whole day in front of your computer.

Plan Rental Charge:

For the first six months you will get unlimited internet and charged Rs 249/month. After that you'd have to upgrade the plan and about to pay 499 rupees.

Plan Eligibility:

BSNL 1gb 1rs Plan is open for all new bsnl customers and is valid in all States of India. As for existing customers you can take up the offer using the ID of a family member.

Free Unlimited Calls with BSNL 1GB 1RS Plan:

Here's another bonus with the BB 249 plan. You can make unlimited free calls every Sunday from 9 PM - 7 AM. And the voice calls are applicable to all landline and mobile networks which is a great deal.

How to Activate BSNL 1GB 1RS Data Plan?

If you are a new customer then go through the registration process with your ID proof and security deposit of one month fees in advance. You don't have to make any additional payment but should at least use the plan for one month. If you are already BSNL customer still you can get the offer by making new entry with any of the family members ID proof.

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So I think we have provided you with complete details about BSNL 1GB at Rs 1 Plan and cleared all your doubts. This is really a good offer provided if you are not highly concerned about speed limit. Even then there's no upload and download limit so you can go wild as much as you want.

How to Check Aircel Net Balance for 2G/3G Internet Data Packs

Posted by Admin on January 19, 2017

Do you know how to check aircel net balance? If not, here we have shared the method to check data balance in aircel from you mobile phone itself. Aircel doesn't need introduction. Their Network is big and covers all over India. And well-known for their reasonably priced prepaid, postpaid voice/data services, wireless broadband, 2G/3G internet and other value added services.

Internet connectivity has become a necessity for Smartphones and without it they are just ordinary mobiles. And Network Operators also offer cheaper data packs on 2g, 3g & 4g internet. But there is a limitation to these prepaid internet packs. If you run out of data before validity period, additional usage will cost you fortune.

So it goes without saying, you must keep tab on how much data you have consumed, how much left and what's the pack validity period. With the help of USSD Code you must be able to know these details right from your mobile at any time.


Every network operators provide this ussd code service for their customers and aircel also has one. All you have to do is to dial up the corresponding ussd code from your aircel number and you will receive text message with the requested details.

How to Check Aircel Internet Balance?

If you use limited 2G/3G data packs then you can simply check the net balance by dialing up *111# and hit send. This will show you the main account balance, limited data balance and validity period immediately. There are also separate ussd codes to check 2g, 3g data balance in aircel and I have shared it below.

1. To Check Aircel 2G Data Balance:

To check 2G data balance in aircel, dial *111*10# or *133# or *122*011# code from your mobile to receive sms about remaining 2g internet balance.

Alternatively use *122*122# ussd code to know 2g internet balance in aircel.

2. To Check Aircel 3G Data Balance:

To check 3G data balance in aircel, dial *111*9# or *122*011# from your aircel number. You will receive a text message shortly showing 3g internet balance and validity period.

You can also dial the code *122*122# to check 3g data balance in aircel.

3. To Check Internet Balance in Aircel Dongle:

If you use aircel dongle for internet, then here's the way you can check data balance in usb dongle.

  1. Go to Aircel Dongle User Dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings » Advanced option.
  3. Now you can see the pre-set ussd codes inside a dropdown for all important services. Either pick from the drop down or type the ussd code manually on the text box and click Send button.
  4. You will receive message showing aircel data balance and pack validity just like a mobile.

So these are the aircel ussd codes to check aircel internet balance for both 2g/3g connection. I hope after reading this post, you can easily check data balance in aircel at any time from your mobile. If you find this useful, please share it in your circle.

Convert EXE To APK File on Android Convertor

Posted by Admin on January 16, 2017

This post shows you How to Convert Exe to Apk File using Android Convertor Tool. Do you know you can use Windows apps on Android Mobiles? Yep! You can now - just by converting windows exe file to android apk file.

To make it clear, Windows Platform supports only EXE files (executable file) and Android OS can only run APK (Android Application Package) files. That is, files with '.apk' extension. You can't run exe file on Android and apk file on Windows directly - at least not without special Software.

With the help of Android Emulators you can easily run Android Games & Apps on Windows Operating System. Bluestack is one such popular Android Emulator for Windows. You have to just install the software on Windows PC or Laptop and start playing Android games on it.


Similarly if you want to use Windows Apps, Tools and Games on Android devices, you can - by easily converting Windows EXE files to Apk files with the help of exe to apk convertor tools.

So here let's see how to convert Windows Exe to Android Apk files.

How to Convert EXE To APK File?

Here goes the process for exe to apk conversion. Actually it is pretty simple. Thing's you'll need for this process is,

  • Software named Change My Software
  • Any Windows EXE File to convert

Before hand, visit here and download the software to your PC/Laptop. When you finished downloading follow the below instructions to convert exe to apk.

  1. Launch EXE to APK Converter Tool and select 'I have a portable application' option, then click 'Next'.
  2. exe-to-apk-convertor-online
  3. Then choose the exe file you need to convert. Depending on the file size the loading process will take some time.
  4. Once loaded, click on the Convert button. The conversion will take a while so keep your patience.
  5. When it is completed you will be notified about successful conversion.
  6. That's it! Now you have converted windows exe to apk app. Now you can install this apk file on Android device and enjoy Windows apps on Android.

The entire process is just a breeze. All you need is 'Change My Software' tool to convert exe to apk file and the best thing is the software is free. You can just convert any Windows games & applications in this way and enjoy it on Android Mobile without trouble.

ACT Broadband Customer Care Number for ALL Cities

Posted by Admin on January 09, 2017

ACT Customer Care Number – ACT Fibernet is a popular Internet service provider operating from its Headquarters in Bangalore. ACT stands for Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd and they are the triple play service provider offering high speed broadband service on fiber optics.

The company offers services covering all major cities of Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Recently they have established their Broadband network services in Hyderabad too.

Act is a major player in Fiber Optics business and offers several broadband plans at reasonable cost. It is gaining popularity among people and so many of them have been long–term customers of ACT.

ACT Broadband Customer Care Number

If you are looking for ACT Customer Care Number to make new connection enquiry or complaint or for support, then here we have shared ACT customer care phone numbers and email–id for all cities to contact ACT customer care center.

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ACT Broadband Customer Care Number:

1. ACT Customer Care – Bangalore

  • ACT Customer care Phone number for new connection enquiry – 08042840099
  • ACT Customer care number for existing customers – 08042840000
  • ACT Customer care contact through Email –

2. ACT Customer Care – Chennai

  • ACT customer care phone number for Chennai circle – 04442840000
  • To Contact customer care via email –

3. ACT Customer Care – Vijayawada

  • Vijayawada Customer care Contact number – 08662464050
  • Vijayawada customer care Email contact –

4. ACT Customer Care – Nellore

  • customer care phone enquiry on Nellore – 08612301999
  • Customer care contact through Email –

5. ACT Customer Care – Eluru

  • Customer care Phone number for Eluru – 08812245000
  • Customer care Email Address for Eluru –

6. ACT Customer Care – Guntur

  • ACT Customer care Phone number – 08631234567
  • ACT Customer care EmailID –

7. ACT Customer Care – Vizag

  • Vizag customer care Phone no. for ACT Broadband – 08914284000
  • Vizag Customer care Email contact for ACT –

8. ACT Customer Care – Indore

  • ACT Indore customer care number – 07314055555

9. ACT Customer Care – Vishakhapatnam

  • ACT customer care contact number for Vishakhapatnam – 0891-4284000

10. ACT Customer Care – Coimbatore

  • ACT customer care number for Coimbatore – 0422-4284000

11. ACT Customer Care – Delhi

  • ACT Customer Care Phone Number – 011-42340000
  • ACT Broadband Nodal Officer Contact no – 011-42340022

12. ACT Customer Care – Hyderabad

  • ACT Hyderabad Customer Care no. – 040-66272727 or SMS 'ACT' to 56677

ACT Online Contacts:

You can also reach ACT Customer care via online.

ACT Broadband Plans & Tariff:

1. ACT Blaze – Rs.1049

  • Data – 60 GB @ 50 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Bangalore

The plan offers download speed of 50 Mbps upto 60 GB and 512Kbps thereafter on fiber. Plan Speed upgraded from 30 Mbps to 50 Mbps and FUP increased from 50 GB to 60 GB.

2. ACT Swift – Rs.675

  • Data – 25 GB @ 5 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Bangalore

You'll get unlimited usage at 5 Mbps upto 25GB and 256 Kbps thereafter on fiber. Plans Speed has been upgraded from 2 Mbps to 5Mbps and FUP increased from 20 GB to 25 GB.

3. ACT Rapid – Rs.899

  • Data – 40 GB @ 20 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Bangalore

The Pack offers unlimited Broadband with Download Speed of 20 Mbps upto 40 GB and 512 Kbps thereafter on fiber. Plan speed upgraded from 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps and FUP increased from 30 GB to 40 GB.

4. ACT Lightning – Rs.1399

  • Data – 100 GB @ 75 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Bangalore

Plan offers download speed of 75 Mbps upto 100 GB and 512Kbps thereafter on fiber. Plan speed has been upgraded from 50 Mbps to 75 Mbps and FUP from 75 GB to 100 GB.

5. ACT Blaze – Rs.999

  • Data – 50 GB @ 40 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Chennai

This ACT Broadband Plan offers download Speed of 40 Mbps upto 50 GB and unlimited free usage at 512 Kbps thereafter.

6. ACT Strom – Rs.1099

  • Data – 75 GB @ 40 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Chennai

The Plan offers Download Speed of 40 Mbps upto 75 GB and unlimited usage at 512Kbps thereafter.

7. ACT Rush – Rs.799

  • Data – 25 GB @ 15 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Coimbatore

This unlimited plan offers 15 Mbps speed upto 25 GB and 512Kbps thereafter. FUP applicable on downloads only.

8. A MAX 650 – Rs.650

  • Data – 75 GB @ 15 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Hyderabad

The Broadband Plan offers 15 Mbps speed upto 75 GB and 1 Mbps thereafter. Plan speed upgraded from 10 Mbps to 15 Mbps, and FUP increased from 50GB to 75GB.

9. A MAX 410 – Rs.410

  • Data – 50 GB @ 2 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Hyderabad

The Unlimited plan offers 2 Mbps speed upto 50 GB and 512Kbps thereafter. Plan speed upgraded from 1 Mbps to 2 Mbps, and FUP increased from 35 GB to 50 GB.

10. A MAX 1050 – Rs.1050

  • Data – 150 GB @ 50 Mbps
  • Validity – 30 days
  • Available in – Hyderabad

The Unlimited plan offers 50 Mbps speed upto 150 GB and 3Mbps thereafter. Plan Speed upgraded from 40 Mbps to 50 Mbps, and FUP increased from 100 GB to 150 GB.

Idea USSD Codes List to Check Balance, 2G/3G Internet Balance & Offers

Posted by Admin on January 06, 2017

Idea Balance Check – Here's the complete list of latest Idea USSD Codes to check prepaid balance, internet balance, offers and plans. If you wonder how to check idea balance then here is the easiest way to know it.

Just by dialing idea ussd codes from your mobile phone, you can easily check idea account balance, 2G internet data balance, 3G internet balance, SMS balance, latest data packs, night packs, special recharge offers, GPRS settings, activation or deactivation services and much more.

Idea is one of the largest Telecom Operator in India to offer wide range of calling and internet services like Prepaid plans, Postpaid plans, Broadband Internet Service, Wireless Services, 2G/3G Networks & other Value-added Services (VAS).

The Network is quite popular among people and introduces so new offers and packs every day. So it's a must to keep updated of their offers to take advantage. With the help of right USSD Codes you can be able to know everyone of the details from your mobile phone. Here we have shared all the latest & working Idea USSD Codes list for your convenience.

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What is an USSD Code & How to Use it?

In case you are new to USSD Codes, then here's the little intro to help you. USSD is the acronym for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. Don't confuse with them, they are just a set of numbers that starts with * and end with # symbol.

To use ussd code service, you have just dial the code and hit Send button just as you do when calling a mobile number. After sending the code, you will receive a short text message with the details you have asked for. It's simpler than it sounds.

If you are an Idea Customer, then you can use the ussd codes we have shared in this post to complete following tasks.

  1. Check Idea main balance
  2. GPRS balance enquiry
  3. 2G Data balance enquiry
  4. 3G Data balance enquiry
  5. To know about latest recharge offers
  6. Know SMS packs
  7. For Night packs
  8. For 2G/3G Internet packs
  9. For Value Added Services
  10. Activate & Deactivate Idea Services
  11. For Roaming details
  12. To know your own idea mobile number
  13. Get GPRS Settings

Idea USSD Codes List:

Here are some of the commonly used ussd codes in idea. The codes will work all over India and cover all states like Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, UP East, Up West, Rajasthan, Punjab, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi NCR.

Details USSD Code
To check Idea Main Balance *121# or *130# or *131*1#
To check 2G/3G Internet Balance *125#
SMS balance enquiry *451# or *161*1#
Idea Main Menu to activate different packs *111#
Value Added Services Subscription *123#
Idea Service Menu (Channel, Roaming, My Account, My Idea Locator, 3G, GPRS, VAS & DT, Features) *147#
To activate Idea Packs (2G/3G Internet plans, Local idea pack, Local Mobile pack, Night packs & Local Traffic pack) *369#
All Idea 30 Rupees Pack (Cricket score, love shayri, jokes) *456#
To know Idea Price *567#
To activate call waiting *43#
To transfer balance *567*<Mobile Number><Space><Amount>#
To recharge another idea number with voucher card from your mobile no. *131*<10 digit mobile num>*<12 digit voucher num>#
Idea Special Packs *131*3#
Idea Best Offers *121*21#
Idea Know My Number *131*1#

Idea SMS Services Codes:

Details SMS Text Send To
To Activate 3G Service ACT 3G 12345
To Deactivate 3G service DEACT 3G 12345
To receive GRPS settings SET 12345
Idea Live TV (Charges apply) 3GTV 54777

Idea USSD Codes for 2G Data Packs:

2G Data Pack Details Activation Code
RC93 (375MB 2G Internet @Rs93 For 9 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*93#
RC98 (375MB 2G Internet @Rs98 For 10 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*98#
RC125 (500Mb 2G Internet @Rs125 For 14 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*125#
RC175 (1GB 2G Internet @Rs175 For 28 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*175#
RC195 (1.25 GB 2G FUP Internet @Rs195 For 28 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*195#

Idea USSD Codes for 3G Data Packs:

3G Data Pack Details Activation Code
RC26 (80MB 3G Internet @Rs26 For 2 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*26#
RC44 (130MB 3G Internet @Rs44 For 4 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*44#
RC102 (300MB 3G Internet @Rs102 For 10 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*102#
RC198 (600MB 3G Internet @Rs198 For 20 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*198#
RC249 (1GB 3G internet @Rs249 For 28 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*249#
RC347 (1.5GB 3G Internet @Rs347 For 28 Days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*347#
RC455 (2GB 3G Internet @Rs455 for 28 days, 4p/10kb Charge applies for Additional Usage) *150*455#

Idea USSD Codes for Other Services:

Details USSD Code
Idea Menu Services *147#
Idea Loan Service *150*10# (or) *150*20#
Idea Internet Data MB Loan (For 30MB 3G Data valid for 1 Day) SMS "ICREDIT" to 144
Rs 5 Internet Data Loan *165#
20MB Internet Data Loan *150*773#
To Check Free Benefits *167*1#
To Check Usage Benefits *167*3#
To Check Loan Benefits *167*4#
Idea Main Service Menu *111#
To get Idea GPRS Settings SMS "SET" to 12345
Idea DNS services SMS "START" to 1909
Hunny Bunny Hello Tune SMS "HB" to 56789
Idea Customer Care Executive (Enquiry or Complaint) 198 or 12345

Idea USSD Codes List to Activate/Deactivate Services:

Service Details Code
Activate Idea 3G Internet SMS "ACT3G" to 12345
Deactivate Idea 3G Internet SMS "DEACTIVATE3G" to 12345
Idea GPRS Activation SMS "FRESH" to 4666
Active Idea Live TV Service SMS "3GTV" to 54777
Activate Idea Local Packs, SMS & Night Packs *369#
Call Waiting Service Activation *43#
Call Waiting Service Deactivation *44#

So that's the Latest Idea USSD Codes List to check idea balance, internet balance, idea offer and plans. Here I have covered almost all USSD Codes for Idea Network. If you wish anything to be added in the list then please share it in the comment section. And finally don't forget to share this great Idea USSD Code list in your circle.

BSNL USSD Codes to Check Prepaid, 2G/3G Data Balance & Offers

Posted by Admin on January 04, 2017

Here's how to do bsnl balance check. In this post I have shared complete BSNL USSD Codes to check prepaid balance, internet balance, bsnl offers & services etc. Mobile phones has become a part of everyone's life and it only make sense to keep yourself updated of latest offers, data packs, sms packs, check account balance of your mobile operator.

And the good thing is you don't have to run around to learn these details. You can know them in moments through USSD codes and SMS alerts from your mobile phone itself. BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) is one of the oldest and trusted telecom company in India offering various voice and data services ranging from Prepaid & Postpaid plans, 2G/3G internet plans, Broadband wireless Services and other Value added Services.

If you are a BSNL customer then this post is going to be very useful for you. We have shared the complete list of BSNL USSD codes to check balance, internet balance, SMS packs, 2g/3g data plans, offers and various other SMS alerts. All these codes are latest and verified.


What is an USSD Code & How to Use it?

If you are new to using USSD codes, then here's a little explanation you need. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and are used to communicate with your mobile operator to receive quick details.

To use this USSD code service, you have to dial the code just like a mobile number and shortly you will receive text messages with the details you ask for. And below is the list of services you can use this bsnl ussd codes for.

  • To check prepaid balance
  • To check your bsnl mobile number
  • GPRS balance enquiry
  • For Recharge offers and plans
  • For 2G/3G Data Plans
  • To check internet balance
  • For SMS Packs
  • For Latest Offers
  • Activate/deactivate services
  • For Value Added Services (VAS)
  • BSNL Main account balance enquiry
  • To check BSNL 2G/3G Data Balance

BSNL USSD Codes for Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Chhattisgarh & Rajasthan

Details USSD Code
To Check BSNL Account Balance and Validity *123#
To check Prepaid Balance, 2G/3G Data Balance and SMS Balance. This includes an option of 1 to 6 and you have to choose the specific option to receive the balance through text message *112#
To receive SMS of your profile details SMS "profile" to 52244

BSNL USSD Codes for Andhra Pradesh

Details USSD Code
To Check Main Balance and Account Validity of BSNL *123#
To Receive Last Transaction Details *102#
To check 2G/3G Internet Balance *234#
To Check Balance of SMS Pack *125#
FnF (Friends & Family Number) Enquiry *124#

For Kolkata, West Bengal and North East Circle

Details USSD Code
Account Balance and Validity Check *123#
Last Call Charge Details Enquiry *102#
To Check BSNL 2G Internet balance *123*10#
To Check Local SMS balance *123*1#
SMS Balance Check *125#
To Check National SMS balance *123*2#
To Check GPRS (Night) Net Pack *123*8#
Check Network Call balance *123*5#
Check Local network call balance *123*6#
Check Video Call Balance *123*9#
To Get details on Voice Packs (RC200) *126#
To Enquire Friends and Family Numbers *124#
To check 2G/3G Data Balance by SMS SMS "USAGE DATA" to 53738

USSD Codes for Other States

State USSD Code
Tamil Nadu Circle *112#
Kerala State Circle *124*1# or *124*4#
Karnataka Circle *112#
Maharashtra Circle *112#
Gujarat Circle *112#
Madhya Pradesh Circle *112#
Rajasthan Circle *112#

BSNL USSD Codes for Value Added Services

Service Activation Code Deactivation Code
BSNL 3G Service SMS "M3G" to 53733
BSNL ISD Activation SMS ACT space your name to 53733
Astrology *456*21# *456*22
BSNL Auto Tips *456*96# *456*97#
Beauty Tips *456*500# *456*501#
Bollywood News *456*99# *456*98#
Bakra-Eid *456*786# *456*787#
Chacha Nehru *456*14# *456*15#
Christmas *456*18# *456*19#
Cricket Score Update *456*55# *456*56#
Diwali *456*90# *456*91#
Gandhiji Quotes *456*08# *456*09#
BSNL Geeta *456*71# *456*72#
General Knowledge *456*508# *456*509#
Gurbani *456*61# *456*62#
Health Tips *456*636# *456*637#
History *456*77# *456*78#
Mega Pack *456*01# *456*02#
Money Matters *456*43# *456*44#
Motivational Quotes *456*506# *456*507#
About Myths *456*94# *456*95#
News *456*31# *456*32#
Power of Words *456*88# *456*89#
Ramcharitmanas *456*408# *456*409#
Sai Baba *456*724# *456*725#
Stock *456*41# *456*42#
Freedom *456*512# *456*513#
Kollywood News *456*522# *456*523#
Mollywood *456*520# *456*521#
Navratri Special *456*81# *456*82#
Shree Ganesha *456*514# *456*515#
Shree Krishna *456*516# *456*517#
Tollywood *456*518# *456*519#
Karvachauth *456*83# *456*84#
Tips of Bride *456*502# *456*503#
Tips of Groom *456*504# *456*505#
Sardar Patel *456*92# *456*93#
Indira Gandhi *456*16# *456*17#

How to Know Your BSNL Mobile Number?

If you wonder how to know my bsnl number, then there is a simple way to find your own bsnl mobile number. Just dial 164 or *8888# from your bsnl mobile number and know what's your own mobile number. Please note that you have to dial this service from a bsnl number and it returns the mobile number from which the code is sent.

BSNL Customer Care Number

For all your enquiries you can call bsnl customer care phone number 9400024365 and this one is an automated service. Just follow through the recorded voice instructions to get your task done.

If you want to talk to bsnl customer care executive dial 18003451500 or 1500 and follow the procedure.

So this is the latest list of BSNL USSD Codes for bsnl balance enquiry, data balance check, sms plans and other services. The list covers almost all sorts of USSD Codes all over india. If you find this bsnl ussd codes list useful, then don't forget to share it with your friends and family.

Reliance Jio 4G APN Settings for Android, iPhone & Windows Phones

Posted by Admin on January 02, 2017

Jio APN Settings - Use these reliance jio 4g apn settings to setup and configure jio internet on any android phone, iphone or windows phone. In order to use jio 4g internet on your mobile, you must have to setup jio APN (access point) on your phone and use it to connect to internet.

The apn settings provided in this post can be used to activate Reliance Jio 4G Internet and MMS. Please note that you need an activated jio sim and 4G compatible mobile phone to experience high speed 4g internet on jio.


And using jio sim on 3g phone will lead to speed cap and even though you use 4g jio sim, you will only get 3g speed on your mobile if it doesn't support 4G.

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Reliance Jio APN Settings for Android Mobiles:

To configure APN Settings for Jio 4G Sim on any android phone follow the below steps.

  1. First launch Settings on your Android Smartphone.
  2. Under settings, tap on Wireless & Networks.
  3. Next tap on Mobile Networks and then tap again on Access Point Names.
  4. You have to add new apn settings for jio 4g. So select New APN by tapping on the 3-dots at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Configure the new apn similar to the one given below.
    • Name — Jio 4G
    • APN — jionet
    • Proxy — blank
    • Username — blank
    • Password — blank
    • Server — blank
    • MMSC — blank
    • MMS Proxy — blank
    • MMS Port — blank
    • MMC — blank
    • MNC — blank
    • Authentication type — not set
    • APN Type — internet + mms
    • APN Protocol — WAP 2.0
    • APN enable/disable — blank

Now save this apn setting and choose this one as your default APN. Done! From now on you can connect to internet through Reliance Jio Sim and experience lightning speed browsing on 4G Mobiles.

The above mentioned method will work on android phones like Samsung Galaxy S4 & S5, Sony Xperia, HTC, Moto G phones, etc.

Jio 4G Internet APN Settings for iPhones:

To use jio 4g internet on iPhones use this below apn settings.

  1. On iPhone, open Settings, then choose General and tap on Network option.
  2. Once on Network, go to Cellular Data Network.
  3. Now add below Jio APN settings.
  4. Set APN to jionet and leave Username and Password fields empty and save.
    • APN — jionet
    • Username — blank
    • Password — blank

Now choose this APN to access jio 4G internet on iPhone.

Jio Sim APN Settings for Windows Phones:

To configure Jio APN on Microsoft Lumia - Windows Phones, follow this method.

  1. On Windows phone, launch Main Menu and go to Settings.
  2. Under Settings choose Mobile Network.
  3. Then tap on Add APN to add new Access Point Network connection.
  4. Use this below settings to configure.
    • APN — jionet
    • Username — blank
    • Password — blank
    • Proxy Server/URL — blank
    • Proxy Port — 80

That was all about jio apn settings for mobiles. You can make use of the above settings to configure jio apn on android, iphone, blackberry or Microsoft Lumia phones to connect with reliance high speed 4g internet. Please let us know if you have trouble connecting to internet with jio. And don't forget to share this post in your circle and help your friends and family to use jio 4g internet on mobile phones.